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About our technologies

Hi everyone! We are a 4side team. And these are technologies and languages that are used in our company for writing various and highly loaded projects. We give preference only to the latest technologies. The applications and web applications that we create are always at their best, meet all the latest development standards and use only the best practices.


The best JavaScritp library to date. React is developed and maintained by Facebook, Instagram and the community of individual developers and corporations. React can be used to develop single page and mobile apps.


We control the versioning of our products and therefore use the GIT distributed version control system. At any time we can turn the world back :) Your project will always be in live and just as important data will never be lost


Probably the second most popular library after React. VUE uses the MVVM architecture pattern and contains rich functionality for the presentation layer. We use VUE to build awesome front-ends, very fast and powerful single page web applications.


Perhaps the most popular programming language. One-of-a-kind client language. At this time, JavaScript will become very popular, using this language and design templates, you can create quite powerful web and mobile applications.


Webpack is known as a module builder. With this tool, the applications or web applications we create are lightweight and load asynchronously each individual part of the application when requested by the user. Also webpack does an excellent job of converting future versions of languages into actual ones.


We know what speed is! Downloading an application or website in half a second? Yes it is possible with the super-fast Redis data store. Redis uses a key-value scheme and harnesses it in memory. Used as a database, cache, message broker, or queue.


We are used to using MongoDB since we have been working with NodeJS for a long time. MongoDB is an open source, document-based database management system that does not require a table schema description. It is considered one of the classic examples of NoSQL systems, uses JSON-like documents and a database schema.


Our architecture is microservices. Each microservice can communicate with each other using messages. This technique is provided by the Kafka message broker. Its servers are combined into clusters. Storing and forwarding messages is carried out in parallel on different servers, and this gives greater reliability and fault tolerance.


Что по поводу тестирования? Вы слышали о TDD или BDD? Мы пишем тесты перед тем как начать разработку и поэтому мы получаем приложение полностью протестированное с помошью програмного кода который исключает человеческий фактор. Мы используем Jest — это фреймворк для тестирования JavaScript, разработанный для обеспечения уверенности в правильной работе любого JavaScript кода.


In our opinion, this is the most convenient and functional programming language that uses the Event model and works completely asynchronously. The V8 engine turns JavaScript into machine code. With the help of NodeJS, a variety of applications of any complexity are created, from real-time auctions to complex and high-load portals like Ebay or Amazon.


We are not predominantly PHP, we often choose NodeJS, but we also develop on one of the best PHP frameworks Symfony which provides incredible functionality for developing server applications or REST api. Symfony uses the Doctrine framework, which opens up endless possibilities when working with databases by processing huge amounts of information.


Redux library with simple API, predictable storage of application state. Very simple and functional, it is used to monitor the state of the application, the main frameworks and libraries that use Redux are React and Angular. The creators of Redux were inspired by the functional programming language Elm.

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