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4SIDE Extraordinary Agency Design & Development


Our team - people who share not only a professional necessity. It partners who have similar beliefs. In short friends, who want to make the world better!

4SIDE Tishchenko Vladimir

Tishchenko Vladimir


Full-stack JavaScript developer with development experience of over 8 years old, participated in the project HeadHunter, JobMax, Oracle Field Services Cloud and many others taught at the Kharkiv IT School courses Front-end development.

4SIDE Kirill Grinchenko

Kirill Grinchenko


Engineer product quality and architecture with many years of experience in international companies. He headed the direction of the company QA, Sinoptik project. Developer concepts for Scrum and Kanban teams.

4SIDE Vladislav Shvetsov

Vladislav Shvetsov

Project Manager

Vladislav Shvetsov has long worked on the Project Manager position in a number of IT projects. Such as: "ITini", "" and others. After a successful collaboration was part of the team 4side.

4SIDE  Dmitry Legenky

Dmitry Legenky

Manual QA Expert

Engineer product quality testing departments headed in NIX Solutions Ltd, Inbitec at TOA Technologies. He has participated in projects from Oracle Ukraine

4SIDE Katya Gordeeva

Katya Gordeeva

Art Director, Web/UI/UX Designer

Competition Finalist UKRAINIAN DESIGN: THE VERY BEST OF 2015 headed the direction UX / UI in the company WhiteWeb, takes an active part in the development of design for all Concepter the company's products.

4SIDE Maxim Soloviev

Maxim Soloviev

Senior Java Developer

Development of back-end part of the project c using Java technology, as participating in the development in PHP using Yii2, Syphony3. He was the architect of the largest project to find work in Russia JobMax

4SIDE Denis Sviridov

Denis Sviridov

3d Artist, Graphic Designer

Years of experience in the field of graphic design, the development of commercial advertising printed products, engaged in architectural modeling, the development of branded products.

4SIDE Kseniya Sokolovskaya

Kseniya Sokolovskaya

2D, 3D Artist, Illustrator

Drawing all kinds of graphic abstractions, 3D shapes and animation, development of design patterns and concepts of brand companies beech. Creating graphics for printing products.

4SIDE  Galaiko Alexander

Galaiko Alexander

Team Lead PHP Developer

Development of architectural solutions YiiFramework, the creation of various REST Full API, design database MongoDB, MySql, PostgreSQL. He participated in the development of Ukraine's largest news portals.